Pricing & Information


Altona Cemetery requires a vault for a traditional burial. Cremation burials require a crush-proof container. The family acquires both through the funeral home or crematorium.

Burial Fees (both traditional & cremation):

  • Monday – Friday: $375
  • Saturday: $425
  • Sunday/Holiday: $475

Single Grave Fees

$600 each (must purchase two graves – $1200

  • Side-by-side burial
  • Allows for two cremations per grave

Family Plot Fee

$4,800 (total of eight graves)

  • Side-by-side burial
  • Allows for two cremations per grave

For plot transfer information and pricing, please contact us.


  • All fees (including sales of plots) are payable to Altona Cemetery on or before the day of internment. Cash or checks only.
  • The cemetery does not sell monuments or provide engraving services.
  • All sales are final. The cemetery does not buy back burial plots.
  • Plot transfers may be transacted if the required documentation is properly completed and submitted. Please contact us directly for more information.

Altona Cemetery Bylaws

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